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Growth Strategies

Why You Must Do Things That Don't Scale If You Want To Grow

Unless you want to be a small-business owner with a lifestyle business, you're probably looking for an idea that scales – something that allows you to 10x your customers and profits in record time – but how do you accomplish this? Here's some counterintuitive advice.


6 Business Podcasts You Should Start Listening to Today

Podcasts aren't just for start-up founders. They're also a great way for busy company CEOs to brush up on their business knowledge and learn from some of the best businesses in the world.

Women Entrepreneur®

Leading with Compassion

Great leadership comes from passion and compassion. Regardless of industry or business, the best leaders care about people.

Growth Strategies

Why Netflix Operates on the Edge of Chaos

One wrong move and Netflix could have been nothing more than a footnote in the history of entertainment. But by staying ahead of the curve and embracing disruption, the company is threatening some very entrenched competitors.


How R68 Can Become A R25-Million Business

Edward Moshole started a business in 1999 with just R68 in his pocket. Today he has a company that not only has a turnover upwards of R25 million, but is also on the cusp of expanding to the next level. Here's how he's turning clients into partners.


iKhokha's Lessons In Launching a South African FinTech

Local start-up iKhokha now has a secure foothold in a tough industry, but getting there wasn't easy. Launching a fintech company in a country like South Africa brings with it a unique set of challenges. Here are the founders' lessons and tips for building a business in Africa.