How to Harness the Power of Human Data to Build an Empathetic Brand

How to Harness the Power of Human Data to Build an Empathetic Brand


Originally aired Feb 11, 2020

Understanding your customer’s motivations is key to creating meaningful experiences and driving business outcomes. However, it is almost impossible to accomplish this if you don’t truly understand your target audience. 

Many companies continue to measure consumer behavior purely from a quantitative data standpoint. However, the decision to use a specific brand or service is often very emotional and evocative. Creating empathetic and authentic consumer engagement is vital to creating long-term brand affinity.

If you are not tapping into these strategies early stage you lose ground and become an easy target for competition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to go beyond shallow buyer personas to fully understand your audience
  • Discover the framework for building empathetic marketing strategies and connections
  • Understand how to leverage empathy on various digital platforms


Founder, Hiboo
Over the years Andra has advised numerous founders and startups, helping them gain greater clarity around the audience they serve. As a founder herself, she understands the constraints and opportunities associated with entrepreneurship. Andra believes to stand out in a saturated environment, it’s essential to focus on human-centered marketing.

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