Getting More Press for Your Business

Getting More Press for Your Business

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60 Min
Originally aired Feb 21, 2019

The editorial staff of Entrepreneur will be your guides through all aspects of getting press for your business, from contacting reporters to framing your brand's story in way that will get the most attention.

As professionals in the media industry, these editors will offer a behind-the-scenes look at what reporters look for in a story.

Key takeaways:

  • How reporters go about finding stories
  • How to pitch your business
  • What aspects of your brand are most intriguing to the press
  • How to work with the press to tell your company's story in the most positive possible light

About This Webinar

Office Hours allow members to connect directly with Entrepreneur Experts. These sessions - conducted via Facebook - are offered on various days and at various times during the week. When asking questions, you’ll want to provide as much details as possible. Screenshots and/or examples of the issue you’re referring to are extremely beneficial.


Editorial Director
Dan Bova is the editorial director of digital content at He previously worked at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Maxim and Spy magazine. Check out his humor writing at Planet Bova.

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