How to Build a Business Around Community
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How to Build a Business Around Community

Ted Iobst Ted Iobst


Originally aired Mar 12, 2020

Join us for this free webinar, How to Build a Business Around Community. In this session, Colugo founder and CEO Ted Iobst describes his personal journey as an entrepreneur and how his experience parenting twins while in business school, inspired him to launch the wildly popular direct-to-consumer baby gear company. Just a year in business, the company has cultivated a deeply engaged community of customers that has been the core driver of its success to date. From its organic word-of-mouth channels to its recognition in top publications, Colugo’s customers have been the company’s “north star” from the very beginning.

Colugo was founded by Iobst after he and his wife welcomed twins while he was earning his MBA at Wharton. Although Ted was on a track to work at a consulting firm upon graduation, he realized that the bigger problem he needed to solve was making parents' lives easier: through gear. Iobst will speak to how Colugo’s community of customers have been core to the Colugo since the idea of the company was first developed, how he has scaled the business with its community, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how to work backwards from customer pain points to develop the products that gain traction
  • Learn how the direct-to-consumer landscape is changing
  • Uncover tips for building a customer-centric business

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