Fireside Chat with Ellen Latham, Founder of Orangetheory
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Fireside Chat with Ellen Latham, Founder of Orangetheory


Originally aired Apr 02, 2019

Join Ellen Latham, founder of Orangetheory, as she discusses her entrepreneurial journey in fitness. She'll detail Orangetheory's workout and principals, and give an open and honest account of getting her business off the ground and on the road to franchising. After, she'll field questions from the audience.

Key takeaways:
  • Be inspired by Ellen's personal story of pushing through adversity to launch a successful business.
  • Discover some of the day-to-day tactics and routines she uses to balance her personal and professional life.
  • Understand how a self-care routine can benefit your business.
  • Ask her for advice on advancing your business, regardless of what stage you're in.


Founder of Orangetheory
Ellen is a highly trained physiologist with a lifelong passion for health and fitness. Her desire to be on the cutting edge of fitness inspired Ellen to design “The Ultimate Workout,” which became the foundation for Orangetheory Fitness -- hailed by the New York Times as an effective new plateau-busting workout. Ellen is a Partner and Founder of Orangetheory Fitness, and Owner of Ellen’s Ultimate Workout gym in Florida.

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