Resetting Small Business America with Jon Taffer
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Resetting Small Business America with Jon Taffer


Originally aired Apr 21, 2020

How can small businesses adjust to the challenges of COVID-19? Jon Taffer has answers—because he’s spent decades helping businesses grow in good times and bad, including on his hit TV show Bar Rescue.

Join us for this important conversation, as Jon discusses what entrepreneurs can do to address the immediate challenges in their businesses—and, just as importantly, what they should be doing to prepare for the next set of challenges when business reopens.



Bar and Nightlife Consultant and Author
Best known for his "in your face" style, Jon Taffer has turned failing bars into profitable businesses over the past three decades. He is the host and executive producer of Spike TV's hit series, Bar Rescue. Taffer is also the best-selling author of Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reaction) and is credited with creating the NFL Sunday Ticket while serving a three-year term on the board of NFL Enterprises. Taffer debuted a game-changing app for bar managers and owners providing a powerful suite of business growth and management tools.

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