Get Your Business Into Recovery Mode Now
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Get Your Business Into Recovery Mode Now

Mark W. Johnson Mark W. Johnson


Originally aired May 26, 2020
The business environment that you land in when the pandemic comes to an end may be very different from what it was before the crisis began. Of course nobody has a crystal ball, but while you can’t predict what’s coming with perfect certainty, you can develop much more clarity than you might expect about how you can better serve your customers in that different environment, create a strategy to do so, and set it into motion. Getting from here to there is likely to be a rough journey, involving a lot of painful mistakes and some inevitable course corrections. But if you manage from the present forward while leading from the future back you can emerge from the crisis with a company that is stronger and more resilient than it was before.
During this session, Mark W. Johnson, author of Lead From The Future will explore how to: 
  • Make time for visionary thinking, even during a crisis
  • Set a new time horizon; six, twelve, or eighteen months out to discuss how this crisis might affect your organization 
  • Walk each vision back to the present, by deciding on a set of long-term, mid-term, and immediate steps that your organization can begin to implement today 
  • Rally your team around your vision by developing an inspiring, purposeful and hopeful narrative  
  • Decide what your core business will look like by answering: What will we keep doing?  What should we stop doing?  What should we start doing?
  • Explore adjacent businesses and capabilities needed to meet the new normal of your business when we get to the other side
  • Form two teams; a transformational leadership group and an innovation team to help move the plan along and develop the needed initiatives

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