How to Choose the Right Co-Founder for Your New Business
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How to Choose the Right Co-Founder for Your New Business

Anthony Rose Anthony Rose


Originally aired Jul 21, 2020

Considering bringing on a co-founder to launch your new business? Join us for our live webinar with Anthony Rose, serial entrepreneur and founder & CEO of SeedLegals, as he discusses how to best choose a co-founder who can help you build a successful and profitable business. 

Key takeaways: 

  • The pros and cons of bringing on a co-founder 
  • How to choose a co-founder who complements your skill sets
  • How to split equity and structure your business 

Anthony Rose is the Founder & CEO of SeedLegals, an insight-driven automated platform that lets founders and investors easily create, negotiate, and sign all the legal agreements they need to do a funding round. SeedLegals recently received a $4M seed round. Founding a number of startups including Beamly, 6Tribes, and QJAM has taught Anthony the good, bad, and ugly of finding the perfect co-founder.

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