The 3 Critical Keys to Surviving COVID
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The 3 Critical Keys to Surviving COVID


Originally aired Aug 31, 2020

The second wave of COVID has arrived. Is your business prepared to fight to survive once again? Even during an unprecedented crisis, some businesses seem to find a way to thrive. What's their secret? Our analysts uncovered the 3 key attributes that help keep these companies successful and the CRITICAL points of data you need to start implementing today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Turn unprecedented circumstances into unprecedented success.
  • Define your direction through self-reflection, creating a future picture, and connecting with a mentor.
  • Enhance your effectiveness through improving your business performance and operational agility, creating transparency for your team, and elevating your team’s efficiency.
  • Align your team through creating self-awareness, leveraging contributors, and assisting with goal attainment.

This webinar is presented by Brandon Dawson, Co-Founder, CEO & Managing Partner at Cardone Ventures. Brandon Dawson is a scaling and turn around expert, serial entrepreneur, and real estate investor who has a passion for helping business owners and their teams amplify their vision and impact through belief, strategy, execution, and team alignment. He exited his previous company, Audigy, at 77x EBITDA for $151M. It is Brandon’s mission is to help business owners and entrepreneurs maximize their value and quality of life through the attainment of personal, professional, and financial goals.



Co-Founder & CEO, Cardone Ventures

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