Winners and Losers of the Post-COVID World
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Winners and Losers of the Post-COVID World


Originally aired Sep 30, 2020

The global pandemic has caused massive disruptions in every aspect of life, forcing people and companies to rapidly adjust. Everyone would prefer that COVID-19 never swept the world, but now that it has, there will be winners and losers. 

As the great Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, "The only thing constant is change." Never has that been more true. The speed and velocity of change will only continue to increase. It is vital that those wanting to survive the next couple years (and even prosper) know what is coming, and be early to adapt.

In this live webinar, James O'Sullivan, VP of Innovation at EntrepreneurNEXT, will detail exactly how the pandemic has affected the future of work, how the smartest companies in the world are adjusting, and why any person or company can put themselves in a position to prosper better than ever before. The webinar will cover:

  • The greatest mass disruption event in the history of how companies find and utilize their most valuable asset, and their second largest expense: human capital
  • The trends that were accelerated by the pandemic, and what it means for companies already struggling to find the right expertise
  • The massive benefits talent and organizations will see by being early adopters to the new normal
  • The costs and threats to organizations that delay a massive re-thinking of their org structure and how they go about allocating resources to their most important initiatives 

James O'Sullivan is an Advisor at EntrepreneurNEXT and VP of Sales at Assemble Technologies. His background includes 10 years of consulting with F1000 companies on their human capital strategies at, leading sales and growth for Uber's "stealth" incubator project focused on the future of work and founding the sales enablement platform PointDrive that was acquired by LinkedIn. O'Sullivan is passionate about creating a future of work that enables companies to improve their efficiencies, and that elevates people to better monetize their heart and expertise.



James O'Sullivan is a renowned thought-leader focusing on the metaverse, sales, entrepreneurship and all things Fortean. He is vice president at Teamflow, the leading metaverse-based virtual office platform.

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