How To Leverage Facebook’s Advertising Algorithm To Maximize Results
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How To Leverage Facebook’s Advertising Algorithm To Maximize Results

Bob Regnerus Bob Regnerus


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Originally aired Nov 09, 2020

Have you noticed the massive amount of ads that take up real estate on Facebook? 

Don’t get lost in this digital pileup of promotions! During this webinar, learn how to use Facebook’s AI to your advantage to stand out among advertisers.

Bob Regnerus is the cofounder of Feedstories, a video sales and marketing agency that turns stories into sales. Since 1998, he has been successfully helping his clients achieve more impact, traffic, and sales through digital media and storytelling. Over time, he developed Deep Funnel Marketing™ strategies to maximize his clients’ impact in their marketplace even as new media comes online and tactics have evolved. Bob has personally served hundreds of clients. He has spoken in 27 states, hosted a radio show on AM560-WIND in Chicago, written six books, and trained tens of thousands. Ninety-nine percent of his clients come to him via referral or after seeing one of his presentations. You can contact Bob for speaking opportunities or media inquiries at Along with Perry Marshall and others, Bob Regnerus is the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, 4th Edition.


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