How to Navigate the New Normal in Sales

How to Navigate the New Normal in Sales

Zach Barney Zach Barney


Originally aired Dec 02, 2020

Lots of things have changed over the past year about the way we do business. Many companies have struggled to balance the responsibilities to their company's bottom line while also taking care of the people that count on them, their employees. This dichotomy has spurned a growing need for more flexible employment structures, and for companies that are adapting to this need, huge benefits are being reaped.

Join startup consultant and sales leader Zach Barney in this live webinar with Entrepreneur NEXT, where we will explore creative ways to maximize the level of talent in your organization while maintaining a high level of financial flexibility that benefits all parties. Attendees will learn:

  • How to identify which roles and tasks are better served by high-level freelance talent than full-time employees
  • Best practices for finding, vetting and managing remote freelance talent
  • How to measure cost-effectivity of freelance over full-time

Zach Barney is VP of Sales Enablement at Vehlo, and moonlights as the Founder of Zach Barney Ventures, where he mentors early-stage startup founders on building their sales foundation. He's been in sales for 15 years, nearly all of them spent at early stage startups where he has experienced both major successes and epic failures. Zach and his wife, Erika reside in Salt Lake City, UT with their 5 children. Aside from spending time with them, he is an endurance sports enthusiast, running everything from 5Ks to marathons.


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