Facebook Advertising Blueprints For Every Kind of Business
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Facebook Advertising Blueprints For Every Kind of Business

Bob Regnerus Bob Regnerus


Originally aired Dec 15, 2020

In the last series of 3 webinars Bob Regnerus did for Entrepreneur.com, hundreds of webinar viewers learned about building audiences, targeting customers, and producing great creative. During this series, there were over 8 dozen questions and over 80% of those were focused on questions about how to market a specific type of business on Facebook. 

In this webinar, Bob will share blueprints and strategies that will be applicable for any kind of business, plus will share 7 detailed strategies that will give any Facebook Advertiser a fast start on their campaigns.

Bob Regnerus is the cofounder of Feedstories, a video sales and marketing agency that turns stories into sales. Since 1998, he has been successfully helping his clients achieve more impact, traffic, and sales through digital media and storytelling. Over time, he developed Deep Funnel Marketing™ strategies to maximize his clients’ impact in their marketplace even as new media comes online and tactics have evolved. Bob has personally served hundreds of clients. He has spoken in 27 states, hosted a radio show on AM560-WIND in Chicago, written six books, and trained tens of thousands. Ninety-nine percent of his clients come to him via referral or after seeing one of his presentations. You can contact Bob for speaking opportunities or media inquiries at Feedstories.com.

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