Activate Your Marketing Potential: Bridge Data & Deliver Joy

Activate Your Marketing Potential: Bridge Data & Deliver Joy

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Originally aired Apr 17, 2023

By attending Iterable's Activate Summit, you learn to close the data activation gap, while eliminating the gap between yourself and expert marketers from across industries and geographies. The deep dive sessions empower you with the technical know-how to connect data and engagement, simplifying the process of making a joyful experience for customers.

With the hybrid event model, you can connect digitally or in person with thousands of like-minded professionals tackling—and solving—the same issues you encounter on a daily basis. See speakers from European Wax Center, Clickup, A+E Networks, and many more!

Marketing is a collaborative process. Marketers, designers, developers, decision-makers, and even the consumer all play an integral role in closing the gap between data and engagement, and subsequently, brands and their customers. Activate is the premier event where you can close this gap and deliver joy.

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