Cultivating Clarity Around Your Goals and Intentions
Personal Growth

Cultivating Clarity Around Your Goals and Intentions

Corene Summers Corene Summers


Originally aired Apr 23, 2019

As an entrepreneur in our increasingly demanding world, it’s common to battle overwhelming feelings of stress, anxiety and even confusion around your business goals from time to time. When you already feel time-poor, how do you prioritize and create the space to balance it all? Let’s get to the root of what mental frames, stressors and blocks may be holding you back from achieving clarity and accomplishing more.

In this interactive workshop we’ll discuss how to determine the best use of time and find balance between work and self-care as a busy and ambitious entrepreneur. We’ll also practice a few valuable meditation and mindfulness techniques you can use to clear your mind and consciously redirect your focus to move towards manifesting your goals and intentions with a sense of purpose and motivation.

Key takeaways:

  • Top time wasters and how to avoid them using mindfulness and meditation tools
  • How to clear mental space and energy to focus on achieving your goals
  • Techniques to release blocks and access creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Action steps you can take when you find yourself feeling stuck
  • How to create clarity around the true priorities in your life and business

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