How This Pending Legislation Can Impact Your Business - PRO Act
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How This Pending Legislation Can Impact Your Business - PRO Act

Mark Siebert Mark Siebert


Originally aired Jun 10, 2021

The PRO Act, also known as the Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2021, was created to protect workers who aim to unionize, but at what cost to entrepreneurs, franchisors, and independent contractors?

The bill, if passed, is a danger to the livelihoods of business owners and freelancers alike. Not only would it reclassify franchisors as joint employers of their franchisee’s employees, meaning they are liable for the actions of their franchisees and franchisee's employees, but it would also eliminate the flexibility and opportunities provided to freelancers. Under the bill, independent contractors would be no more. These workers would be considered employees of their companies, causing them to work for minimum wage, work less hours, and possibly get laid off. But that’s not all!

Register for this webinar to hear Mark Siebert—author, respected franchise business consultant, and founder of iFranchise Group—discuss some of the most detrimental provisions included in the 30-part PRO Act, what this means for you and your business, and how to avoid the dangers of this bill.


Mark Siebert is the author of The Franchisee Handbook (Entrepreneur Press, 2019) and the CEO of the iFranchise Group, a franchise consulting organization since 1998. He is an expert in evaluating company franchisability, structuring franchise offerings, and developing franchise programs domestically and internationally. Siebert has personally assisted more than 30 Fortune 2000 companies and more that 500 startup franchisors.

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