The Art of Relaxation and Optimizing Your Sleep
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The Art of Relaxation and Optimizing Your Sleep

Corene Summers Corene Summers


Originally aired May 23, 2019

What would you be able to accomplish with a little more energy every day? This workshop is an introduction to the top relaxation techniques that will help you calm your thoughts and set the tone for the high-quality sleep every entrepreneur needs and deserves. Truly restful sleep also sets the stage for a bright start in the morning, so you can accomplish all the things you need to do with increased energy and focus. By making a few simple yet effective adjustments to your evening routine, you'll be able to set yourself up for a deeply restorative night’s sleep -- every night.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use Relaxation Techniques to Set the Tone for Quality Sleep
  • Determine How Much Sleep You Really Need
  • Create Healthy Habits To Release Stress and Unwind
  • Establish Patterns To Fall Asleep Quickly and Easily
  • Practice a Meditation for Deep Relaxation

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