Strategic Tax Planning for Your Small Business
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Strategic Tax Planning for Your Small Business

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Originally aired Feb 22, 2022

Tax season is upon us, and whether you’re an aspiring, new, or established small business owner, it’s important to have a clear and sound tax strategy in place. And who better to teach you how to develop a small business tax plan than the experts themselves. 

Mark J. Kohler—a CPA, attorney, and senior partner at a law and an accounting firm—and Mat Sorensen—an attorney, CEO, author, and podcast host—will lead this insightful webinar. They’ll help you 

  • Choose the right business entity structure for your company (LLC, S-Corp, etc.).
  • Understand the common expenses most businesses use and write off against their income.
  • Figure out how to write off equipment, technology, home-office, and other common expenses.
  • Identify common mistakes to avoid, which can result in more taxes and penalties.

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