7 Ways to Raise Money to Launch Your Business

7 Ways to Raise Money to Launch Your Business

Bianca B. King Bianca B. King


Originally aired May 18, 2023

Crowdfunding, equity financing, grants, or debt financing? Which do you choose to raise money for your business?

During our webinar, Bianca B. King will discuss methods that you can leverage to raise money to launch your company, including the advantages and disadvantages of each type of funding.

7 Financing Options

Equity Financing:

  • Angel Investors

Debt Financing:

  • Small Business Loans

  • Peer-to-Peer Lending

Alternative Financing:

  • Bootstrapping/Family + Friends

  • Grants

  • Crowdfunding/Pre-selling

  • Pitch Competitions/Business Incubators

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About the Speaker:

Bianca B. King is an entrepreneur and professional matchmaker on a mission to help women accelerate their success. As the CEO & Founder of the exclusive collective Pretty Damn Ambitious™, Bianca matches high-acheiving women with premier vetted and verified coaches so they can finally amplify their ambitions and achieve the personal growth and professional success they desire. Bianca is also the President and Creative Director of Seven5 Seven3 Marketing Group, a digital marketing agency that has served hundreds of entrepreneurs since 2008.

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