How to Launch a Consulting Business (Session 1)
Starting a Business

How to Launch a Consulting Business (Session 1)

Terry Rice Terry Rice


Originally aired Apr 25, 2019

Have you considered, or are currently making money from, your knowledge and experiences as a consultant? Would you like more control over your finances and schedule by finding the best way to monetize your background? It doesn't matter if you haven’t started or have a business already; this series of workshops is all about getting paid well for your skills. Discover how you can design a business around your life, as opposed to designing your life around your business. During session 1, we'll provide a high-level overview. In subsequent workshops, we'll dive deeper into getting new clients, scaling your business and exploring various revenue streams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the seven ways experts are making money from their experiences, and then decide on the best pathway for you 
  • Discuss ways to generate leads and sign clients
  • Learn why most people fail in building a succesful consulting business, and the activities you must take to cross the six-figure hump
  • Walk away with a library of tools, apps and additional resources to continue the momentum going forward

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