Massively Scaling Up Your Business -- Without Massively Scaling Up Your Team
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Massively Scaling Up Your Business -- Without Massively Scaling Up Your Team

Daniel Priestley Daniel Priestley


Originally aired Jul 08, 2019

If you want to scale your business, but are encountering blocks or it’s causing stress, don’t be so quick to hiring more team members and paying more in salaries. Anything that causes stress or a bottleneck in your business can be linked to an asset deficiency, and if you want more revenue, profit and scale, you need to develop an ecosystem of valuable digital assets.

But what is a “business asset”? 

A simple definition of a business asset is “anything that would still be valuable if you and your team disappeared.” Having a great website that would still be driving business tomorrow if you disappeared today is a business asset. A brand, a database or a system that is valuable to your business even when you’re not around is an asset. But if you need to be there to explain it or do something with it, then it’s not an asset.

Having assets makes making money a lot easier. Most struggling businesses focus on “sweating assets,” but reat businesses focus on developing assets first and then sweating them -- and there are 24 types of digital assets that you can start formalizing today to prepare your business for more funding... and more fun.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what business assets are, and the 24 major business assets that fun, valuable and profitable businesses have
  • Learn why income follows assets
  • Discover how to identify which types of assets your business already has, and which types you still need to develop
  • Learn the practical steps you can take to start formalizing the assets your business requires

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