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Tim is a fantastic coach!! Honest, engaging and a true talent in matching his clients with the right opportunities.

Rob C.

Senior Helpers

Have you ever dreamt of owning a business?

  • Have you tried to do your own online research but felt overwhelmed by all the information?
  • Have you thought about owning a franchise and having financial freedom, but feel like the process is too complex?
  • Have you looked at a Franchise Disclosure Document and thought it was too complicated?
  • Are you unsure which franchise is right for you?
  • Would you love to have expert guidance but don’t know where to find it?

We’re here to help you. Here’s why you should work with us instead of going to a franchisor directly.

  • We ensure you don’t waste your time.

    We take the time to understand what you're looking for so your not focusing on the wrong franchises or the wrong information.

  • We teach you what you need to know.

    Our #1 goal is to help educate you on franchising to determine IF you are ready to own a franchise. If so, then we will work together to identify the best franchise for you.

  • You benefit from our network

    Connect with franchise lawyers, accountants, and more to learn the ins and outs of franchising. Our hand-picked network of professionals will provide invaluable advice and insight into financing and funding, legal and business needs, and many other important startup necessities.

Our service is always 100% COMPLIMENTARY for you

Our advisors will save you time and money, aligning you with our fully vetted and trusted resource providers.

How it works

  • Schedule your one-on-one session

    You’ll chat with one of our experts so we can better understand what you’re looking for in a franchise.

  • Complete our Client Profile

    The Client Profile will help us understand your talents, skill sets, and passions as well as your WHYs driving you to become a business owner.

  • Explore your matches

    Our team will find you your ideal franchise match based on the information from your survey and territory availability.

  • Learn about the franchises our team found to be your best potential matches

    We’ll give you insight and education about the franchises’ industries and models that we recommend for your situation.

  • Meet the franchisor

    We'll prepare you for the franchise’s due diligence process and make introductions between you and the franchise.

  • Receive the best business resources

    We will connect you to our top-notch and fully vetted partners in the areas of franchise funding, legal reviews, and more to make sure you are always working the best in the industry.

Ready to begin your franchise discovery journey?

Book your one-on-one session today!

​​Hi, I’m Tim! I am the Founder and CEO of FranCoach and the Host of the Franchising 101 Podcast and a dedicated Entrepreneur Franchise Advisor.

As an Entrepreneur Franchise Advisor, my team is dedicated to helping educate people on franchise ownership and over the last seven years have worked with hundreds of clients who are now successful franchise owners. Franchise ownership is significantly more attainable than most realize and the way to find the best match is different from any other type of search we do.

Our free service will focus on each individual to understand their very specific skills, needs, and goals. The team will then conduct the research among our nearly 600 franchisor partners that spans 60+ industries to find the absolute best match for each client.

It is key to note that this means we are identifying the best possible franchise match out there…not just the best of what someone knows about or has experience with. In fact, the vast majority of our clients start a franchise in an industry they have little to no experience in, one that they would not have thought of on their own, or even a brand they didn’t know existed before the journey began.

Our clients need two things…a desire to work for themselves and an open mind to explore the process. If this is you then we encourage you to schedule an initial with the our team to learn more.

Tim Parmeter

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Entrepreneur Franchise Advisors instead of going it alone?

Traditionally, franchise buyers have had to navigate the franchise buying process alone. The franchisor had all of the experience and franchise knowledge, and the interested franchise buyer had very little information, expertise, and resources. Our program balances out your buying experience so you can feel supported and make an educated decision that works best for you.

How do I know how much I can afford to pay for my franchise?

Your Entrepreneur Franchise Advisor will assist you as you complete our financial analysis steps. We will then have our Franchise Funding Specialist give you a breakdown of your options and proposed startup budget.

How much will it cost me to work with you?

Great news! It’s completely FREE for you. It will cost you nothing to work with us since we are compensated by the franchisors, much like a real estate agent is paid by the seller. Our Advisors will save you time and money, aligning you with our fully vetted and trusted resource providers.

What if my desired franchise brand is not available?

We will work with you through our discovery steps to help you establish your ideal territory and availability, as well as your actual investment amount. In the case that your first choice does not work, we will introduce you to more options that will work based on your candidate profile.