American Freight Furniture, Mattress and Appliance

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4 Reasons to Franchise with American Freight Furniture, Mattress and Appliance It's an easy-to-build, quick-to-open and highly scalable retail franchise opportunity with impressive unit economics.

American Freight Furniture, Mattress and Appliance

Since introducing its franchise model in 2020, American Freight Furniture, Mattress and Appliance has quickly gained a reputation as an easy-to-build, quick-to-open and highly scalable investment opportunity. That's why the retailer has already awarded nearly 50 franchises across the country that represent more than 10 multi-unit franchise owners—all while establishing a robust pipeline of interested candidates.

"American Freight's unit economics sell themselves but are elevated by several other key differentiators," says Terry McGee, Vice President of Franchise Development at American Freight. "Qualified candidates are recognizing the value that comes from franchising with an established and growing brand, and see the benefits of our 'no frills, no fluff' business model."

Let's explore the top four reasons behind why American Freight's franchise model is making a name for itself in the franchise industry:

1. Strong unit economics.

Let's get to the bottom line—the numbers speak for themselves. The top 25% of stores average $5,590,180 in gross sales and $1,006,555 in net income per store.* With such impressive unit economics, American Freight's franchise opportunity appeals to both single and multi-unit investors, especially since it requires minimal oversight in the day-to-day store operations.

2. 360+ store buying power.

There is strength in numbers. American Freight's nationwide footprint is 360+ strong—meaning its buying power is even stronger. Franchise owners directly benefit from the retailer's purchasing power and reliable network of supply chain relationships.

3. An established, growing brand.

Everyone needs a place to sit, sleep and eat, which is why American Freight has managed to withstand economic headwinds and grow its nationwide footprint for more than 25 years. Even after more than two decades in the industry, the national retailer has identified an additional 400+ target markets for future development across the country.

4. The product makes you money.

A majority of the initial investment in an American Freight franchise is put toward product inventory, which in turn makes you money. The stores are like mini warehouses stocked with product and designed with no frills or fluff—meaning minimal overhead costs to the franchise owner.

An ideal American Freight franchise candidate is a United States citizen with good credit, a minimum of $200,000 liquidity and a minimum of $750,000 net worth. The opportunity is fit for prospects seeking a semi-absentee investment in multiple locations.

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*This information reflects the Average Gross Sales and Average Net Income for the Top stores of American Freight company-owned retail businesses which were open for more than a year as of fiscal year end 2021 with a revenue higher than $4.5m. We refer you to Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document dated April 26, 2022, for additional information. A NEW FRANCHISEE'S RESULTS MAY DIFFER FROM THE REPRESENTED PERFORMANCE. This is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. Offerings made by prospectus only and in compliance with the applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your state. ©2022 American Freight®. All rights reserved.

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