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Mr. Protection Boats, buildings, cars, hay bales: Mike Enos wraps them all.

By Jason Daley

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Half-built hotels in Las Vegas. Mothballed 747s in Los Angeles. Tract house developments stopped dead in their tracks.

Mike Enos has covered them all--in high-grade polyethylene plastic, to protect them from the elements and the economic storm. But when Enos started Fast Wrap just two years ago, a bad economy was the furthest thing from his mind.

In fact, he first got the bright idea to shrink-wrap his airboat after noticing a semitruck full of tightly wrapped, fresh-from-the-factory speedboats on the highway. So he bought a heat gun and a roll of specialized plastic and shrank it around his boat. It wasn't until years later, after he'd sold his porta-john rental business to go to Baja to tournament fish, that Enos began to realize the potential.

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