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This Established Brand is Forging a Growth Path Through Franchising American Freight doesn't just plant flags, it opens successful stores.

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American Freight is not shipping or freight, it's furniture, mattresses and appliances! And this well-established brand is taking the franchise industry by storm as one of the newest yet most attractive opportunities to hit the scene.

The company's humble beginnings and namesake began in 1994 when the founder would buy truck loads of American-made merchandise and sell it straight off of the loading dock. Nearly three decades later, the company has evolved its name and product assortment to American Freight Furniture, Mattress and Appliance, operates more than 370 stores nationwide and has identified more than 600 territories available for future expansion through franchising.

"A franchise model like American Freight is hard to come by," said Terry McGee, Vice President of Franchise Development at American Freight. "It's rare to find a franchise model that is so simple to replicate and multiply because decades of systems and processes precede it. American Freight doesn't just plant flags, it opens successful stores. And now, candidates have the rare opportunity to follow in those footsteps with a paved path to success."

Multi-unit owners like Greg Canzano, one of the first franchise owners to sign with the company, quickly realized the benefits of leveraging a well-established brand like American Freight rather than building his own retail store from the ground-up. Click to hear why he says "In the time it would take to open my own furniture store, I could open four or five American Freights."

"We tout our model's scalability in two ways," said McGee. "With hundreds of stores nationwide, we've scaled our operations, buying power and resources to ultimately share cost savings with our owners. On the other hand, our business model itself is so simple, tested and proven that our franchisees can quickly scale from one to multiple stores if that's their goal."

One aspect that makes American Freight's business model so scalable is its ability for franchise owners to be semi-absent from the business. That means multi-unit franchise owners like Dr. Troy Caron, MBA, a full-time orthopedic surgeon, are able to maintain a career while growing their investment with American Freight. "Our franchise model is built for franchise owners to work on the business, not in it. It's a huge reason why the average American Freight franchisee will own more than one location," said McGee.

American Freight is well underway in forging its growth path through franchising with more 14 owners representing 46 territories and hundreds more in the pipeline. Ready to own your part of the company's established and growing footprint? Visit to start a conversation with our team.

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