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4 Tips for Outsourcing in 2021

Avoid the typical mistakes and outsourcing may be the best business decision of your post-COVID-19 recovery strategy.

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Outsourcing is predicted to be one of the go-to customer strategies in the post-COVID-19 world. Tight on budget and uncertain of their future, companies will opt for no-strings-attached business relationships rather than spending time and effort on in-house departments.

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Almost a third of UK companies plan to outsource at least one business area following the COVID-19 crisis, especially in IT (37%) and marketing (32%). The Global IT outsourcing market is predicted to grow by $98 billion during 2020-2024. Сloud-based outsourcing is the most promising kind since it was the only one that increased by 7% during the second quarter of 2020 when others faced a decline.

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