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5 Keys to Having a Remote Staff That's Engaged Creating a committed team that works remotely is no easy task. Here are the top five things you need to know to create the strongest remote team possible.

By Jolene Risch Edited by Anna Wahrman

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Remote work is no longer a privilege or a highly sought-after flexible option. Instead, it's become the backbone of many businesses and organizations, required to keep things on track and moving forward. As you've probably realized already, having a well-run virtual meeting is one thing, but developing an engaged, remote staff is its own kind of superpower. So whether you're hiring remotely for a few key positions or you have moved your entire operation online, these are the keys that will take your staff from distracted and scrolling to engaged and winning.

Personalized recognition

Your team is made up of individuals who have different likes, interests and experiences. Their perspectives are diverse, and what means one thing to one person could mean something drastically different to another. That's why it's vital to recognize and celebrate your team members in a way that they can receive it instead of simply having one standard process in place that might leave some of your team members feeling unsupported.

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