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Fraction Action Can't afford an entire jet? Try winging it with a piece of one.

By Christopher Elliott

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Think a private jet is too expensive for your business? Thinkagain. "There are a number of new fractional-ownership optionsfor people without huge travel budgets," says Joe Moeggenberg,president of the Aviation Research Group, an aviation consultingcompany in Cincinnati.

The options-the equivalent of owning a timeshare in a plane-arebecoming popular among small-business owners. A recent study byJ.D. Power and Associates found business aircraft use increased 44percent in the past year. Why? The study concluded that privateaircraft can save a traveler one whole month per year that wouldotherwise be wasted in transit. Here are some options:

  • Less is more. For as littleas $100,000 a year, you can partner with other companies to acquirea share in an aircraft. This could buy you as much as 25 hours offlight time. You'll need an aviation lawyer to guide youthrough the process.

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