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Reliable Sources Are we finally gonna get some useful travel information out of the Web?

By Christopher Elliott

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Where do you turn for reliable information about a destination?If you're a traveler, the Internet is generally the last placeto look. Not only are many travel sites difficult to navigate,incomplete and confusing, but they're often also tainted bycommercial and political interests.

All that is changing, though, as Web sites that collectinformation for the corporate traveler come of age, promising roadwar-riors targeted data without the fuss of surfing around.

One of these pioneers is Weissmann Travel Reports. Sold bycorporate travel agencies as part of some trip packages,Weissman's data is difficult to find elsewhere online. If yourtravel agent isn't offering these irreverently written andthorough reports on such things as shopping, dining, weather andetiquette, they're worth asking for.

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