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Foothill Plumbing: A Good Fit

Recently, Chevy and Entrepreneur got together to give mobile entrepreneurs across a range of business types the opportunity to test the Chevy City Express LT in real-world conditions. The following is just one example of what these business owners experienced.


Larry Orton has been snaking drains and fixing plumbing problems in the Santa Ana, California area for more than 50 years—and he knows his customers are satisfied. Why is he so sure? Since 1964, when he established Foothill Plumbing, he's never had to advertise. "We get all our business by referral," he states. "We don't market—not even yellow pages—and all of our work comes from repeat customers and their word-of-mouth to friends and family."

Originally launched as a new construction plumbing firm, Orton converted to service and repair in 1996. He has six employees now and says the company is "somewhere in the middle, as far as size goes. We serve about 95 percent residential and 5 percent commercial accounts." His employees seem just as happy with Foothill as his customers: He has one employee who's been with him for 32 years and the rest for an average of about 10 years each, with the "newbie" having been there for six.

A solid fit in more than one way

Orton calls the Chevy City Express a "fine, specialized working vehicle," for a few reasons. "First off, I'm a big guy and typically drive a big truck with a service body. I was more comfortable in the Chevy than I am in my truck," he says. "It drives and handles well; it's got a great ride and plenty of pep; and I really liked the visibility—especially those side mirrors and the placement of the integrated close-up mirrors. Between those mirrors, its size, and the back-up camera, it was easy to park."

In addition to the ergonomics and drivability, Orton liked the cab setup. "Each guy does his thing a little differently," he notes. "With the Bluetooth, power outlets, and the potential for places to keep my boxes and clipboards, it can also be a great mobile office."

Orton also saw the possibilities of a Chevy City Express going to work for Foothill. "It could be easily equipped to handle drainline stoppages," he says. "We have a number of different snakes—some with cameras, some with extended cables—that we use, depending on the clog. We could fit all the snakes and some repair materials on the City Express, along with a larger sewer machine and pressure-jetting equipment. I would rig the van with a winch to help unload the heavier equipment and bins for materials. And the dual side doors make access from either side excellent. You don't need to crawl all over everything to get what you need. It would be the ideal specialized vehicle for that."

When you own a small business, the road to success can be challenging. But with a reliable partner like the Chevy City Express small cargo van, you can be on the go 24/7, tackling a wide range of tasks. Whatever the job requires, the City Express is built with the perfect form and functionality required to get your job done. With a range of conveniences including 122.7 cubic feet of cargo space*, EPA-estimated 24 mpg city, work-ready features, and a mobile office, the City Express is the small cargo van for businesses with everyday jobs. To learn more about how Chevy City Express can drive the success of your business, visit

*Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.

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