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How to Respond to Urgent Needs Without Losing Focus on the Big Picture Pivot to a new market and bring to life a product amid the coronavirus pandemic.

By Chris Xu, Ph.D. Edited by Russell Sicklick

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Whether your business is still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, is grappling with a supply chain crisis or is struggling to keep up with new consumer demands, a key component of longevity from a business perspective is adaptability. Being able to remain flexible, to anticipate the needs of the market that your business serves, and to find innovative solutions to obstacles are all key to making your business successful. It will also position your organization as a thought leader while setting the stage for your customer base to look to you to solve future problems.

2020 brought unprecedented challenges not previously experienced, flipping peoples' lives upside down and forcing businesses to re-evaluate everything from their day-to-day operations to revenue streams. In order to remain competitive, businesses needed to shift from thinking about ways to make money to thinking about strategies to survive through and beyond a global health crisis. While some organizations hunkered down with plans to ride out the storm, our team recognized the challenge and saw an opportunity to use our knowledge and expertise to serve a greater worldwide purpose. To accomplish this required us to venture into unknown territory. Below are a few tips for business leaders on how to respond to urgent market needs without fear of jeopardizing customer loyalty due to a lack of organizational focus.

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