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What is This Thing Called Happiness?

We all want happiness, but so many of us are just aiming for it and uncertain how to achieve it.

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Happiness. We all want happiness, it's part of our DNA. As a transformational coach and leading expert on mindset, I have yet to meet anyone that says they want to lead a miserable life. Sure, we may have a day we want to stay in bed and just be okay, but in general, we are all seeking this thing called happiness. We want it in our homes, in our relationships, in our jobs, in our families, with our friends, with our hobbies; we want happiness in everything! The truth is, we all want it, yet we find ourselves going through the motions of life just existing and aiming for this idea of happiness that we don't know how to achieve.

What is this thing called happiness? There is no one true definition of happiness. Animals bring some people happiness, other people they bring aggravation. Traveling the globe brings some people happiness, other people they find it to be exhausting. Cooking is a source of happiness for many, while others find it a chore. There is no one true definition, it's individually determined.

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