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Why Global Brands Must Prioritize a Localized Experience Added reach puts a wealth of opportunities on the table, it also presents new challenges.

By Brian Byer

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Your company probably has a deep understanding of how to create lovable brand experiences for customers and audiences in your home market. You know which messages resonate and when the best moments to deploy them are. You know what your audience expects of you, and you are consistent in meeting those expectations.

As soon as you begin to expand your business globally, however, you will find that branding suddenly becomes infinitely more complicated. Translating your brand experience for different markets is a complex process, and anyone who's done it before can tell you that doing it well requires more than simply trying to duplicate what has been proven to work in your home market.

All of the elements that combine to form a company's brand identity are informed by cultural context. When these brand elements are viewed from outside the specific cultural context for which they were created, they often no longer resonate in the same way.

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