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Boasting a multi-decade-high equity market, a supply chain haven for countries diversifying away from China, and "immense technological innovation and digitalization," according to the IMF, Japan continues to remind global investors why, in 2023, they should bet on Asia's largest and most advanced economy. Enabled by the Bank of Japan's ultra-loose monetary policy, this year marks a historic turning point for Japan – a meaningful return to healthy inflation after three decades of stagflation.

As the Nikkei index rockets to heights last seen at the peak of Japan's post-war miracle economy, investors worldwide have reached a consensus: Japan is a 'buy.' According to analysts from Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan, record gains have been driven by the high upside in Japan's equity market, a position all but confirmed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) itself – when it outlined plans this March to force companies trading below their book value to increase their stock prices.