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Greenwood Hotel, Restaurant & Spa: A New Destination on the Green Cape, with Sea and Botanical Garden Views

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With the demands of everyday life, rest and recovery are paramount, necessitating thoughtful planning of our summer vacations. The sea, lush greenery, breathtaking views, comfort, and exceptional service - every element needed for an ideal vacation are harmoniously combined at Greenwood Hotel, Restaurant & Spa.

Greenwood Hotel is located on the Green Cape (Mtsvane Kontskhi), next to the Batumi Botanical Garden, in an ecologically pristine environment. Despite its recent opening, the hotel has already received positive reviews from its guests.

Greenwood Hotel offers 74 rooms. Depending on their preferences, guests can choose rooms of varying sizes, with views of either the sea or the botanical garden, featuring a veranda or a private jacuzzi. Each room is distinguished by its modern interior and refined details, fully equipped to ensure guests' comfort and enjoyment, including essential amenities and high-speed internet.

Guests of all ages and preferences will find a welcoming atmosphere and excellent service at the hotel. Whether for a couple's retreat, a family vacation, or a business trip, Greenwood Hotel provides everything needed for a memorable and comfortable stay.

What makes Greenwood Hotel a special destination is its proximity to the Batumi Botanical Garden. Opened in 1912, the garden boasts over 500 plant species and is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Guests at Greenwood Hotel have the unique opportunity to explore this botanical treasure and enjoy its lush views directly from their rooms.

In addition to the Green Cape beach, Greenwood Hotel offers an indoor pool and the Lotus Spa. The Lotus Spa is perfect for those seeking personalized services for relaxation and refreshment. Lotus Spa offers a variety of services, including rejuvenating therapy, aromatherapy, face and body massages, Turkish baths, a Finnish sauna, and other procedures that are relaxing and beneficial for the health.

No holiday can be perfect without delicious food, and 'Lovati' restaurant at Greenwood Hotel promises unforgettable gastronomic adventures for all its guests. In addition to everyone's classic favorites, guests can savor traditional Georgian cuisine, including local dishes, without needing to leave the hotel.

Just a few minutes' walk from the property, guests will discover a cozy beach surrounded by rocks and the botanical garden. Here, they can unwind while enjoying the sunset, the soothing sound of waves, and the calming atmosphere.

If you wish to explore Batumi and immerse yourself in the city's vibrant life, Greenwood Hotel places you just a 20-minute drive from the city center, where you can enjoy various attractions. Equally accessible from Greenwood Hotel is the stunning Petra Castle, a must-visit destination. After exploring the Batumi Botanical Garden, consider taking a walk in Mtirala National Park, located a 40-minute drive away.

For those planning a summer on the Black Sea coast, Greenwood Hotel offers a wonderful retreat with wonderful nature, beaches, fresh air, breathtaking views, and an unforgettable environment, ensuring you will definitely have the desire to keep coming back.


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