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The Publicity Requirements For The EB1A Visa, According to Baden Bower

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To accommodate a wide range of travelers, the United States offers a number of visas. The most common being visitor visas for transitory stays in the US for tourism or business. Family visas, work visas, and student visas are further categories of visas with distinct objectives. Applying for a visa may be a drawn-out and challenging procedure, so it's critical to have the proper information and supporting documentation on hand before completing the application.

Overview of the EB1A Visa

A working visa is often only given to those with job offers or labor certifications from companies registered in the United States. However, one kind of visa bypasses the job offer requirements of an employment-based visa – the EB1A.

EB1A is described as an immigrant visa for people that are highly gifted in certain industries. Specifically, the EB1A visa is for foreign nationals that have extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, business, education, or athletics. People who have achieved a high level of success, revolutionised their field, or been earning a high salary are considered to possess "extraordinary ability."

Requirements for Approval of the EB1A Visa

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS states that an applicant must satisfy the preliminary requisites of demonstrating an intention to enter the U.S. to continue working in their field of extraordinary ability, and ideally striving to show that such work will serve U.S. national interests. If these foundational requirements are satisfied, and an applicant has won a prestigious international award, then the EB-1A application will essentially always be approved.

Who are people with extraordinary abilities?

To demonstrate extraordinary ability, an individual must have sustained national or international acclaim and their achievements should be recognized in their field of expertise. If an applicant does not possess a prestigious national or international award, he must accomplish at least 3 of the 10 criteria below:

  1. Receiving a less prestigious national or international honor for accomplishment in a particular field of endeavor.
  2. Membership in organizations that demand exceptional performance from their members as determined by acknowledged national or international authorities in the field.
  3. Published content about the applicant's work in reputable professional or large trade periodicals, or in other influential media. The title, publication date, and author of the work, along with any relevant translations, should be provided as proof of compliance with this requirement.
  4. Participation as a judge of other people's works in the same or a related field, either alone or as a panel.
  5. Original contributions in the fields of science, scholarship, the arts, athletics, or business that can be shown to have had a significant impact
  6. Authorship of academic articles published in prestigious trade publications, professional journals, or other influential media.
  7. Display of work in exhibitions or showcases of the arts. This criterion is typically helpful for artists whose work has been shown in public.
  8. Taking on a crucial or leadership position within a reputable organization or establishment.
  9. Noticeably high compensation for services, in comparison to others in the field.
  10. Success in the performing arts market. (Immigrant singers, performers, musicians, and actors in films typically use this criterion.)

(source: US Citizenship and Immigration Services)

The Publicity Requirements For The EB1A Visa

Pertaining to the third criterion for proving extraordinary ability, published content about the applicant should be directly related to the declared field of work. The published material should be at the national or international level and academic citations do not count as valid material for the application. Overall, the USCIS will only consider content published by "major media" to be valid material for EB1A applications.

There are nuances as to what outlets are considered "major media," but a particular platform may qualify as "major media" when descriptions it is published in other media or organizational websites. USCIS officers are also more inclined to accept sources that have a long track record, a sizable audience, and a solid reputation within the media network as significant media.

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