Yoga To Become Even More Popular In 2023, Here's How To Capitalize According To Online Yoga School

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Yoga is gaining more attention as a form of physical and mental exercise that can help achieve holistic living and improved quality of life. With an ever-expanding health and wellness industry, 2023 could be a big year for yoga.

Aspiring yogis can capitalize on this wave with the help of online yoga schools. Institutions such as Online Yoga School can provide students with the tools to maximize their practice and deepen their knowledge and technique.

Steph Ball-Mitchell, the founder of Online Yoga School, a member of the Forbes Business Council, and a yoga instructor, believes that yoga should be accessible to everyone. External limitations, such as geographical location and financial constraints, should not hinder learning.

Yoga's mental health benefits have come to light

Yoga primarily attracted people with its physical benefits, allowing people to build strength, flexibility, and balance. However, its mental health benefits have now become a major reason for people to get into the practice.

Society has become more open to securing mental health, in light of statistics on mental illnesses such as the World Health Organization report that the pandemic triggered a 25% increase in anxiety and depression worldwide.

"Yoga is a perfect thing to do for someone who wants to start caring for their mental health. Yoga does not require a lot of money, time, or space, Ball-Mitchel said. "People can use yoga to build a more robust mental fortitude and even improve their mood and productivity at work," she added.

Yoga is now a secondary activity for athletes.

Sports are now becoming more cross-functional, as athletes and coaches are starting to appreciate the benefits of the other disciplines. According to Ball-Mitchell, many professional athletes who attend her classes think that yoga is responsible for their improved performance.

More athletes are therefore turning to yoga as their secondary physical activity.

Yoga enables swimmers and divers to expand their lung capacity and helps American football players to build muscle strength. It can also improve athletes' focus and mental strength.

Accessing yoga instruction online

Ball-Mitchell started her school years before the pandemic, pioneering the concept of teaching yoga virtually. "The growing demand for yoga classes could lead to a surge in more qualified yoga instructors," she said. "This means more business opportunities and higher compensation for certified instructors," she added.

In the past, getting certified as a yoga teacher was expensive, costing between $2,000 and $5,000. Today, however, aspiring instructors can get their training and certification from Online Yoga School for less than $400.

As yoga becomes more popular, aspiring yoga teachers can capitalize on their existing practice. However, "more than anything, yoga should impact people's spiritual lives," Ball-Mitchell said. After decades in the industry, she aims to remind practitioners of all levels about the essence of yoga – oneness with the world and the people living in it.
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