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+250 partners and +500 team members – Why 2023 was an exciting year for Upgaming

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Upgaming, an international software development provider, first appeared on the global market in 2014. Since then, for 10 years, the company has operated in the competitive international market and has created innovative digital products and services for its partners. Due to its unwavering commitment to innovation, Upgaming remains the leading provider and the front-runner in the global software development industry.

For 2023, Upgaming had quite ambitious plans. The goal was to improve and advance their solutions and create new, innovative digital products. During 2023, strategic partners and international awards have repeatedly recognized their products for innovation, ease of use and high level of security.

The rapid growth in the number of partners and team members

As the representatives of Upgaming noted, at the end of 2023, the number of Upgaming's international partners exceeded 250. Their team has also witnessed a rapid 30% increase in the workforce – meaning they have more than 500 team members at the given time.

Moreover, Upgaming has also marked another significant event by opening a new branch in Bulgaria. Therefore, the company's offices are located in the fifth country after Switzerland, Georgia, Germany, and Malta. Upgaming also started constructing a new office in Georgia, which will be the largest among the company's branches.

Improved digital services, products and international awards

Another aspect that the company has taken care of is the improvement of its' digital products and services. In specific, one of the most important updates was the introduction of new AI tools that mitigate the risk management, ease of use and the scalability of the software. Upgaming's new AI technologies are designed to simplify the process of integrating and using its' software solutions and increasing the security of the platform.

2023 has also been exceptional because of the international awards and recognitions the company got. They were present at the global exhibitions in England, Malta, and Brazil. During the year, Upgaming was shortlisted 12 times in various categories at the five awards ceremonies. The ceremonies served as the global hubs in the software development market, aiming to reveal the year's most innovative and creative products and solutions in the industry.

Upgaming's efforts (the updates they made, and the new products they designed, etc.) have not gone unnoticed. The company received two awards for exceptional performance and innovative products. These recognitions once again prove how efficiently the company's digital products and services are being developed.

Assessing 2023 and giving some prognosis about the future, Tornike Tvauri, CEO of Upgaming, stated:

"2023 was a year of growth and development for Upgaming. Products we created were shortlisted 12 times at international award ceremonies. We displayed our software solutions at five international exhibitions and formed over 50 new partnerships. We also started preparations to move on to Upgaming's new, biggest office. All of this gives us more opportunities for growth and progress, laying the foundation to create new products in 2024 that will positively impact the development of the industry."

Upრინდი - Upgaming's new campaign

Besides the important updates, the launch of new products, international awards, and accolades, Upgaming has also launched motivational campaigns. At the end of 2023, Upgaming initiated a new campaign called "Upრინდი". It combines a series of videos in which Upgaming's team members tell us their own stories and talk about their visions, interests, and aspirations. Mini-videos are not a standard introduction to the work process or a clichéd, banal advertisement of the company's corporate culture - "Upრინდი is a call to continuous development."

As Upgaming's marketing specialist, Rusa Adamia, notes:

"The purpose of the "upრინდი" campaign is to encourage continuous development, both career-wise and beyond its framework. It shows the importance of a balance of professional and personal interests, a healthy work environment, healthy relationships in the group, and seeking new challenges."

"Progress, not perfection" – this is the campaign's slogan. A motto encourages us to focus on progress and development and not indulge in creating the perfect version of ourselves. Moreover, it also reminds us how significant it is to self-develop, accept, create new challenges, and constantly move toward new directions.