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Chasing professional perfection and pulling it off is not easy, but along the way, you figure out it's totally worth it - Co-Founder of Upgaming Mikheil Merebashvili – Meet Mikheil Merebashvili Co Founder of Upgaming

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Mikheil Merebashvili

Senior Software engineer

Career path – has been in the software engineering for more than 20 years, worked on various significant projects, is the co-founder of Upgaming and the head of software development department.

Character – open and transparent in relationships, has a strong sense of freedom

He loves –communication and active relationship with teammates, sharing knowledge with them and receiving new information.

Believes in – the professionalism of his team

He knows - when you fully develop yourself, nothing is impossible. The only person you need to prove something to is you.

Goal – help the teammates to conquer the new peaks

"The professionalism of my team allows me not to be entirely involved in daily work processes. However, it is enjoyable to communicate with my teammates daily. Direct involvement and active communication allow me to feel the team's pulse and rhythm." – Mikheil Merebashvili

Creating a vibrant and welcoming internal culture is crucial for any company. It's this very culture that turns a company into a cohesive team. Upgaming is one such company that deeply understands the significance of nurturing a warm and engaging environment for its team.

It's evident that Upgaming places immense value on its internal culture. Teamwork, a congenial environment, effective and direct communication, these are the values that they hold high. As you can see from the quote of the head of software development department, the active involvement and communication with teammates is one of the vital components for forming an engaging climate and honest communication between teammates.

That's it, the warm atmosphere, dynamic surroundings, cohesive, collaborating style of working and spending time together – these are the elements that create relationship values in a company.

One key aspect Upgaming focuses on is balancing the personal growth with career progression of its team members.

" I have gone through many stages of career development, and the most valuable thing I've learned is that when you fully develop yourself, nothing is impossible. The only person you need to prove something is yourself."

We can see how the prospects of career and personal development merge in these words. And this is the knowledge that is shared in Upgaming, growing on a basis of reciprocal communication between team members. They share information, learn and understand new things through communicating with each other and striving towards new challenges.

Highlighting this harmonious blend of personal and professional development, Upgaming launched a video series as part of their "Upრინდი" campaign. "Upრინდი" symbolizes the act of spreading one's wings to soar high. It's a motivational call to voice and nurture your ideas and ambitions. The campaign, with its slogan "Progress, not Perfection," encourages consistent growth over the pursuit of flawlessness.

These videos delve into the stories of Upgaming's team members, tracing their professional journeys. Viewers get a glimpse of these individuals at work, along with their visions, interests, and dreams. Beyond showing Upgaming's internal atmosphere and shared values, the series also emphasize the importance of self-exploration, embracing new challenges, and aspiring to greater heights. This approach to progress is what the company and its team are keen to share with you, and anyone eager to embark on a path of development.

About Upgaming

Upgaming is a leading iGaming software provider operating in the international market since 2014 creating white label, Turnkey and API solutions. They're known for their top-notch digital products and have worked with clients from all over the world.

At this moment, the company has more than 250 global partners, helping each of them to scale up and improve their businesses. Upgaming has been present at multiple global exhibitions and won several awards because of their innovative solutions. Upgaming specializes in creating comprehensive software solutions that are fully customizable, made for B2B companies, helping them to start and grow their business.

In the last two years, Upgaming's team has expanded, going from 60 to 350 members. Plus, they've spread their wings by opening offices in five countries: Switzerland, Germany, Georgia, Malta, and Bulgaria.

Upgaming's brand identity is built around a focus on the customer, with the key values such as pursuing strategic innovation that is based on data. They're always pushing ahead, dedicated to constant and dynamic improvement.