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"Upgaming isn't just a workplace; it's a hub where our ideas can come to life" - Meet Upgaming's Senior Back-end Developer Zviad Makharashvili

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Zviad Makharashvili

27 year old

Senior Back-end Developer

Pace of life - So fast that sometimes he's trying to figure out how he keeps up with it.

Character – Curious and Active

Interests – Digital Products, Sports Cars, Boxing, Fishing, Skateboarding, etc.

What he loves – Exploring the Digital World

Company – Software solutions provider Upgaming

What he likes in his job – Being involved in developing and building the solutions that are creative and innovative.

Having a rich and friendly inner culture in a company is essential. It's culture that transforms the company into a team. Upgaming is a company that understands the value of the rich and friendly environment among its' team members.

Upgaming's central focus is not only on the front, on dealing with their clients, operators and business partners. That's why we are also going to look inside the company – the work atmosphere, inner culture, team members, employee experience, and other "shout outs" from the inner circle.

Upgaming has made it clear that their inner culture is the most important value. It's not about the business and marketing solely, it's about cooperation, unified effort, friendly environment and communications, and balance between the personal and career development.

In Upgaming, they believe that actions speak louder than words. So, they reflect their commitment to their culture in the projects they undertake, the relationships they build with clients, and the growth opportunities they provide to employees.

One of the things mentioned above was the balance between personal and career development. the culture of the company is not only about the image, but it's based on genuine communication and understanding.

So, to emphasize such an environment where personal and career development are in a perfect tandem, Upgaming started to showcase the video series that are a part of a campaign "Upრინდი". Upრინდი means to take wing and soar high. It's a motivational call and appeal to let your thoughts and aspirations out and let them grow and advance freely. It promotes the idea of personal development and encourages everyone interacting with the campaign to take the very same route. The slogan of the campaign is "Progress, not Perfection", inspiring individuals to be steadily focused on the progress, rather than being drawn into perfection.

The video series unfold the history of Upgaming's team members, their journey from the beginning of their career to this moment. It introduces team members in the working process and narrates about their visions, interests, and aspirations. Aside from revealing the Upgaming's inner atmosphere, and what values the company and its' team members share, the video series also tell you how important it is to explore and develop yourself, take new destinations, be open to new experiences, challenge yourself and move to the new heights. This is how the company and its team sees the progress and now they are sharing their views and values to you, your family, friends and everyone who is interested and driven to develop themselves.

About Upgaming

As the leading software solutions provider operating on the international software development market, Upgaming has been in the business since 2014, offering the cutting-edge digital products to international clients.

With over 250 successful connections and partnerships made with the global clientele, Upgaming proved to be one of the most ambitious and successful companies in the industry. They have been involved in multiple international exhibitions and won global awards for the outstanding performance. Upgaming offers highly scalable, comprehensive and fully customizable software solutions to B2B companies, giving partners an ability to start and upscale their business operations.

Upgaming's brand identity is formed with customer-centric orientation, reflecting the following core values: WOW-making service, strategic innovation based on data. They have been moving forward, focusing on the dynamic and continuous progress.

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