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9 Strategies to Help Your Employees Find Their Purpose (Or Watch Them Leave) Purpose-driven organizations seemed like a foreign concept for many. Today, it is the key for businesses that want to stay competitive.

By Britt Andreatta Edited by Maria Bailey

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Studies show that people's hunger for purpose and meaningful work is at an all-time high. It's one of the top reasons people give for leaving a job and it's what they're looking for in their next one.

While leaders set the tone for a purpose-driven organization, managers are the ones who bring it to life. Or bury it. Managers matter because their daily words and actions create the work environment for 90% of any organization's workforce.

Being a great manager is about creating the conditions for the people who report to you to do their best work. If you manage others, here are nine strategies to enliven purpose and enhance your employees' experience of meaningful work.

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