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Accountability: The Crucial Inner Work that Leads to Success People think others will hold them accountable. Truth is, accountability starts and ends with you.

By Laura Di Franco

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"I need accountability. Is this program going to give it to me?" I stifled the chuckle and said, "That's not something I can give you, it's something you decide to do."

Accountability will be the difference between success and failure for many of us, for a lot of reasons. Whether it's that new online business you're starting up or the fitness plan you're starting this month, it's staying accountable to your own goals, dreams and vision for your life that creates the success.

When I heard, "I need accountability," I laughed a little because you don't get accountability habits from someone else. The best we can get from someone else is a reminder to be accountable, some guidelines, a little check-in, some homework or maybe deadlines. In the end, the action is up to you and you alone. It doesn't matter if you meet with your accountability buddy or your group, or how many times they ask you, "How's that goal coming?" The action and the motivation you need to take it is still up to you. Does it help to know you'll have to report in? Sure. But that should not be the reason you actually get the work done.

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