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Are You Sabotaging Your Success by Blaming Others? Blaming others sabotages your progress and productivity. If you want to be an entrepreneur and a leader, take ownership and accountability.

By Jen Sugermeyer

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If you're an entrepreneur or a leader, you dream big. You think larger than what you want for breakfast and what do with your day. You dream about how you can change lives, make a difference in the world, create something that has never been created before. Maybe you find yourself flooded with idea after idea. You can't help it — you're wired that way.

But what if your big dreams were limited or even squandered because you're keeping yourself playing small? What if you were sabotaging your own potential?

So many of us have an invisible glass ceiling we place above us and never realize that we have the ability to smash it with this one minor shift to how we approach life.

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