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Capitalize on Your Team's Uniqueness to Garner Success Could conformity be limiting your team's potential?

By Jen Sugermeyer

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Compassionate Eye Foundation | James Tse | Getty Images

For years, we've been taught that conformity leads to harmony across society. It creates a safety net and makes social encounters more comfortable because there's a level of expectation and normalcy that is met. There may be an element of truth in that rationale, but are you limiting potential in your business, your team or your company by not allowing uniqueness to flourish?

What makes you stand out from the rest when you are the same as everyone else? What makes a customer want your services versus the other options? What sets you apart? As an entrepreneur and business leader, it's your responsibility to understand the power and potential of being unique. Then, you must uncover, promote and foster this within your team.

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