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Confidence is the Bridge Between You and Your Goals It's more than time, skills or knowledge that you need to accomplish your goals -- it's confidence.

By Jen Sugermeyer

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New Year, new goals, new chances. There's nothing magical that happens when the calendar rolls to the next year. But, there is something symbolic when the calendar restarts in January. It's the motivation many of us use to wrap our minds around the next 12 months and the goals and resolutions we want to make. There's optimism about what can be done, what impact can be made, what relationships are going to happen. It's child-like, really. It's akin to the spirit when we were five years-old and looked at the world as a blue ocean of opportunity; nothing was insurmountable.

There's something that happens to many of us as we age. It's the same thing that happens today as we progress past the first of January. We stop believing in change, we lose trust in our abilities, our faith diminishes. We blame it on having too much to do, other competing priorities, not enough time in the day. But the truth is, you've lost your confidence. The result? Unfulfilled goals, dreams and resolutions. Sometimes it's a perpetual cycle of wanting and never achieving. I mean, how many times has weight loss and happiness been the goal for the year, to then be the same goal the following year?

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