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How to Recognize Burnout in Your Employees Going remote has blurred the lines between work and relaxation: Here's how to spot and combat employee burnout.

By Christal Bemont Edited by Katie Walsh

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filadendron | Getty Images

2020 has been an unprecedented year in terms of work stress. Supporting employees to put on their "work face" amidst high levels of unpredictability can be an immense task for company leaders. Between the global health crisis, natural disasters, and social unrest, many employees express real uncertainty about the future. I believe it is essential for executives to be intentional about mental health and remain consistently proactive about addressing anxieties and making decisions from a position of unknowns.

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I was new to Talend when the global health crisis hit. I had to straddle the line between having a lot of faith and being a realist about what can and should be. When things come at you quickly, you have to think on your feet and pick a lane. Should your company hold on for dear life or use this time to transform and come out stronger? I made decisions quickly and went to our board with an action plan. We had to implement effective change in a timely manner because we needed to give our employees and shareholders a sense of stability. We narrowed our focus a little but kept progressing forward.

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