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"A" For Attitude Does yours make the grade?

By Ellen Paris

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

According to a new study, attitude tops the list of what makes agood boss. The survey, conducted by Personnel DecisionsInternational (PDI), a Minneapolis-based global management andhuman resources consulting firm, found that 37 percent of workersnoted the most important quality in a boss's attitude is goodinterpersonal skills.

And that attitude impacts the bottom line. "High turnover,low employee morale and lack of trust in an organization often stemfrom management's inability to communicate withemployees," says PDI vice president Gordy Curphy.

If you suspect your attitude needs an adjustment, says Curphy,find out what your clients, employees and vendors think about yourpeople skills through anonymous feedback. Then get communicationcoaching from a consultant. "And when you're applying thethings you've learned," says Curphy, "you'll needongoing feedback from people you work with to see if you're[improving]."

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