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This Overlooked Leadership Trait Makes All the Difference in Your Ability to Captivate an Audience You will find, in leadership and in life, that people feel more connected to you and your vision when you ask them to "kick the tires."

By Entrepreneur Staff Edited by Mark Klekas

Thomas Barwick | Getty Images

As leaders, we desperately want our teams to feel engaged and empowered. We've all had a manager or boss who has all the necessary skills and experiences to lead a team but fails to do the most important aspect of leadership — connect with others.

Fifty-seven percent of American workers say their managers could benefit from training on how to be better people managers, according to a 2020 report from the Society for Human Resource Management. Executive coach and speaker Amy M Chambers has created a strategy to overcome this very real leadership problem.

Chambers believes the secret to becoming a better manager is learning how to involve others more — even in small, gradual ways. "When it comes to strategizing, planning, ideating and decision-making, it's essential that we as leaders involve others at every step of the process," Chambers says.

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