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Travis Kelce's Sideline Outburst Taught Us 3 Important Lessons About Leadership Under Pressure Here's why Andy Reid didn't yell back at Travis Kelce during their tense moment on the sideline — and why it was an important moment for leaders everywhere.

By Jon B. Becker

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Jamie Squire | Getty Images

Andy Reid is undoubtedly one of the best coaches the NFL has ever had. Although I am certainly not a football historian, even a cursory view of his accomplishments reveals a man at the top of his profession. He has three Superbowl rings, is the only coach in history to win 100 games for two different franchises, has an almost certain future date with the Hall of Fame — the list goes on.

By all accounts, he is a great coach. And that's why when one of his players — an employee, really — lost his temper, yelled, and shoved him on live TV during the 2024 Super Bowl, Coach Reid hardly reacted.

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