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Why Being Resilient Is the First Step to Growth Going through a crisis isn't easy, but it often leads to transformation and lasting success.

By Mary Fran Bontempo Edited by Lisa Lombardi

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Maria Stavreva | Getty Images

Resilience. It's the word of the moment — possibly the word for all of 2020, after COVID 19, of course.

As we continue to attempt a recovery from the sucker punch of the coronavirus, we're reminded again and again that we have to be resilient. Despite being knocked down physically (if you contracted the virus), financially, emotionally, professionally, and personally by this planetary scourge, we're urged to get up, yet again, and get back in the game.

Yes, it's exhausting. But it's good advice, as far as it goes. We must dig deeper, each and every time, to stand up and fight this thing. Only we can't stop there.

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